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PLANT, an itinerant work shown since 2013

@Lisbon / Copenhagen / Belgrade / NYC / MX City 


/photo by Amanda Hestehave

@ ECCENTRIC EXERCISE I, 2014, Les Gens Heureux, Copenhagen, DNK











/photos by Pedro Guimarães

Text by the curator Henriette Noermark:

In her practice, Bichão looks to construct images with symbolic meaning where poetry’s ancestral rhythm comes together with personal idiosyncrasies. For Eccentric Exercise – International Contemporary Drawing, Bichão has created a work about the self, about space and abstraction as a language. Plant was developed by the circumstances of having to travel from Lisbon to Copenhagen subsequent to the curatorial dogma that every piece of art had to be transported by the artists, folded or rolled. The work draws on geometry as part of a folding / unfolding method, fixing the rigid rules of the rational and structural. At the same time, it reveals a mystery which for Bichão is a notion of existence: in the dark, without coordinates, a hand made circle painted on the work, projects light from its center. As the work is on the ground, one can feel its own scale and compare it with the mental space, projecting the self as a mirror, atracted for that nuclear form. Plant is thus in constant change and the viewer will be exposed to its kaleidoscopic and mutating creativity when entering the back room - when exposed to light, it seems a large and white plane full of bends, all the geometric possibilities crossing the center. When experiencing it in full darkness, it turns the core of your position there; it leads you, connecting both the notions of self-existence and the universal. True to her aesthetic references and her understanding of art as the result of an autogenic process, Bichão creates metamorphic works with a magic spark, not necessarily shaped by a rational, causal or narrative order. 


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