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ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER, a collaboration by Miguel Ângelo Rocha and Sara Bichão.



Between July 2012 and March 2013, artists Miguel Ângelo Rocha (b. 1964, Lisbon) and Sara Bichão (b. 1986, Lisbon) established an epistolary relationship through email. A correspondence driven by the exchange of impressions, ideas and questions on the subject of Drawing: What is drawing? What can drawing do? Where does drawing lead us? Letters were exchanged using the specific language of drawing. Miguel Ângelo Rocha [M.A.R.] and Sara Bichão [S.B.] sent forth about forty question-answer drawings. Some of these postings are more immaterial than others, such as the configurations that appear in daydreams, visions informed by the memories or descriptions of that which is dreamt with open eyes; pursuing the unique ability of drawing to convey all of this in the same plane. The first letter that was sent contained a schematic with the instructions for a drawing. This letter is a drawing yet to be; the correspondence focused on this work process. The drawings became drawings once they were sent, addressed, received, exchanged; as in a conversation, one thing after the other.

Maria do Mar Fazenda, Return to Sender, 2013

*To see all the correspondence, please send an e-mail to sarabichao@icloud.com











/photos by Miguel Angelo Guerreiro

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