SOMEBODY'S ADDRESS, a solo show at Rooster Gallery.


left: Side view, upstairs

right: Delta, 2014, 18x0,3x2 inches, acrylic paint on wood

 Glider, 2014, 78x18x4cm, card

The Delicate Cut, 2014, 15,5x4x6,5cm, spongewood, card and strings

El, the bone, 2014, 36x1,3x7 inches, wood, fabric, acrylic paint and glue

Untitled (plant), 2014, 12,5x1,5x1,5 inches, cane, jeans, strings and jeans fabric

Ammunition, 2014, 24x8x8 inches, wood, fabric, acrylic paint, paper and strings

 Spine, 2014, 72x5x3 inches, wood, jeans fabric, spheres of steel, acrylic paint and glue

Side view, upstairs


 Forever rolls, 2014, 3x39x3 inches, jeans fabric, canes, acrylic paint and rope

 Waterscape, 2014, 4x22,5x0,3 inches, acrylic on wood

 Side view, downstairs

 Side view, downstairs

Untitled, 2014, 16x2x2,5 inches, plaster ball and leather

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